About Me

Music is and always has been an enormous part of my life and I have been an adult and children piano tutor based in Wilsden for a number of years.
Growing up in Wilsden around a family of musicians and various musical instruments I quickly developed an interest in keyboard instruments, and at the grand old age of 8, I had my first organ lesson.
Never did I imagine at 8 that what started as an enormous passion would one day develop into a career. Since then playing piano, electric keyboards, synthesizers and electric organ has allowed me to make a living from a lifelong passion.

As well as teaching piano, playing the keys has allowed me to work in some fantastic bands which started in the late 80’s / early 90’s when I formed Push Button Technology.
For those in the know we were one of the pioneers of the West Yorkshire Dance music scene and our track “Just 4 U” has now earned its place as a true classic within the clubbing hall of fame and can still be heard reverberating from numerous retro nights making a resurgence across the UK. You can find it on You Tube so please have a look and yes, it was me who wrote it!

After the dizzy days of the rave/clubbing scene, I furthered my studies at the Leeds College of Music, which is recognised as one of the finest music colleges in Europe.
After leaving college I was offered to opportunity overseas to work in a number of hotels and bars in Salou (Spain) as a professional musician.

Thankfully playing has provided the opportunity to work with some very well respected musicians known celebrities. These include John Beck who wrote “Sleeping Satellite”, Ant and Dec, The cast of Hollyoaks and the cast of Coronation Street.

Apart from teaching also run an acoustic open mic every other Sunday afternoon over at the Mill Hey Brew House in Haworth where I encourage pupils to perform. It is great preparation to get focused if you are studying for exams, and equally it is great to help build confidence in your own abilities. For more details please take a look at https://www.facebook.com/pianomanpaulsacousticafternoon/

So there you have it a brief insight into my past. If you are looking for a piano tutor who will work with you to help you achieve whatever your own musical goal is then I am here to help. If you would like to know more then please get in touch through the site or call me on 07961704656 and I will be happy to help.