Group Lessons / Senior Citizens

Group Lessons are available in classes of up to 3 students. These lessons are very interactive and it gives students the opportunities to play in ensembles. As with all lessons there is much fun to be had and is particularly effective for beginners.

Session times are as follows

2 students 45 minutes
3 students 60 minutes
Prices are £15 per student

Senior Citizens

When many people retire they find their lives left with a huge void to fill from their employment. Learning the piano is an ideal way to keep your mind active. If offers you a fresh challenge just when you need it and will provide you with hours of enjoyment. You are never too old to learn and I currently have students with me who didn’t start learning piano until they were well into their 70’s.

Lessons are available for senior citizens and are priced below.

30 minutes – £12.50
45 minutes – £18.50
60 minutes – £25.00